Harvest Moon (Blue Moon Lake # 2)


A sexual assault two decades ago shaped Veronica Sussingham’s life. Neither her family nor friends know about the attack and she has successfully avoided the perpetrator ever since - until a party invitation shows that he married a grad-school friend of hers. The only connection Veronica feels is the one she has with a man she has never met. They use pseudonyms and agree not to talk about anything too personal.  Coincidence and an elevator malfunction also leave her, not so comfortably, trapped with a handsome stranger. Intrigued by her, Trent Jamieson doesn’t get the chance to introduce himself properly. Can he win her trust? 


When the reader is introduced to Veronica, her life is ruled by fear. "Harvest Moon" is not only about love, but why she decides to conquer that fear. Author Sharon Struth has a talent for effortlessly weaving a complex story with down-to-earth, relatable characters. The issues they deal with are serious, delicately handled and well researched. The first chapter will catch the readers' interest, and the believability of events will hold it. There is one notable exception, however, but without it the plot would stagnate. Naturally integrated supporting characters add interest and depth to the story. Fluid dialogue balances nicely with backstory and description that is not overbearing. This story stands on its own two feet quite nicely even though it is part of a series. Readers will, having finished this one, be waiting for the author’s next work.


Heather R. Nielsen