Harvest Blessings


Tacy Clark is summoned home to visit her ailing aunt at the family orchard, but finds out her aunt didn’t ask her back - it was her maddening new neighbor, Brody Clark. Without the apples harvested from the orchard, the town won’t have enough funds for the all-day preschool that Brody needs for his little girl. The only way to get those apples harvested is to get Tacy home and helping. But Brody promises himself to keep his distance. He’s been burned by women like her before, yet the more time they spend together, the more their prejudices against each other seem to melt away. However, when New York comes calling for Tacy, will she choose the town she grew up in and the people she loves? Or go back to chasing her dreams in New York?

 This small town romance has a lot of charm. The cast of characters is sweet and contribute to the narrative of the past that Tacy has been running from. Tacy’s life has been good, but filled with secrets about her past that are never fully answered and leave the audience wanting more. Brody comes into Tacy’s life at a tipping point, and along with his little girl, show her there may be more to life than what she’s accepted so far. There were some twists and turns, and while the story foundation and characters were solid, it lacked emotion and was a bit predictable. Readers will enjoy the romance, however, and a satisfying ending. 

 Kate Campbell