Harmony to Heartburn (Fortytude #3)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Anna and Kiran have a blissful marriage and a colorful extended, blended family. Just when they think all is going smoothly, havoc begins to take over their lives.  They find out Anna's ex-husband, Luke's partner, has Parkinson’s, and it is shaking this relationship to the core. Even years after their separation Luke still depends on Anna for emotional support. Kiran's insecurities are starting to surface and he is losing patience with all the attention Anna is paying to Luke. Not only that but Anna's parents can't seem to stand each other anymore and are separating.  Anna is exhausted and at her wits end with all the family drama. When will life return to peace and harmony?


Shelly Hickman takes every day family happenings and turns them into a delightful story! She has a way with words that make the story both poignant and funny. The reader will be enthralled with this complicated close-knit group of multi-generational, loving family members. The author is able to show the reader through the ups and downs of married life the insecurities that many people will recognize in themselves. Ms. Hickman weaves love, laughter and hope into her story and makes this family one’s own. The reader is left wanting to know what happens next to Anna and Kiran as they travel down life's road together.


Rose Mary Espinoza