Hard as Ice (Heart’s Ease Book 2)


The first time that Daphne Scott met sexy pro hockey player Jack Walsh, she was trying to sleep off the alcohol from the night before. Even feeling below par and slightly annoyed at being woken from her drunken slumber, she couldn’t deny how good looking he was. Their second encounter came when Jack was suffering from a concussion and just wanted to get back home to Heart’s Ease. He never expected Daphne, the Ice Queen, to become just the medicine that he needed. Daphne is between jobs and is uncertain what the future holds for her. An impulsive fling at the Heart’s Ease Inn seems like what they both need, until both want more. When the real world comes calling, they learn that long-distance relationships are harder than they expected.


“Hard as Ice” is the second book in the Heart’s Ease series but can be read as a standalone. The writing style is absolutely beautiful. The descriptive details will make the reader feel surrounded by the Newfoundland backdrop. One will see the primary and secondary characters as appealing and very easy to identify with. The way that Daphne mothers Jack while he’s injured is just part of why this story is so sweet and romantic. Daphne also has a way of being a bit annoying with her stubbornness though. If the reader isn’t swept off of their feet by the ending, the last scene will definitely do it. It’s absolutely sugary sweet and completely unexpected! 


Heather Mcguire