A Guy and a Girl


NEW ADULT:  Chelsea’s dad is a hockey coach with one staunch rule: none of his players are allowed to date his daughter. Chelsea is painfully aware of this rule, but it has never been an issue until this summer. She and her best friend see the latest group of rookies come in and they both agree that Hunter is one fine catch. When summer school starts at the local university, Hunter slides into the seat next to Chelsea. Then Chelsea and Kendall show up at a local college hangout only to find Hunter working there! Hunter and Chelsea become good friends, but she wants more. Unfortunately, there seems to be something dark in his past that is preventing him from moving forward in their relationship.

This novel is chock-full of activity from the very beginning. In fact, there is so much activity that the story is unbelievable. There is enough material here that this could easily have been books one and two of a series. Chelsea and Hunter are both realistic, believable characters who have extraordinary bad luck, which causes the book as a whole to lose credence. It is worth the read, but the reader must be patient, since there are passages where words are incorrectly used and there are typos scattered liberally.

Belinda Wilson