Gun Shy (Atlantic Divide Book 1)


The last thing Sheriff Jack Swan wants is a relationship; in fact he's sworn off women. When Doctor Kate Marsden comes into his life, he's convinced she's trouble wrapped up in a really attractive package. Kate believes the Sheriff is a pervert when they first meet, but even she can't deny how attractive he is. As a surgeon, she's used to being in control, but the Sheriff is quite the force of nature. Fate seems to be throwing them together again and again and while Jack would happily take the good doctor to bed for the night, that's not enough for Kate. 

Throw a sexy sheriff into a story and it will raise a reader's temperature! Diane Saxon does not disappoint with the smoldering Sheriff Jack Swan, a classic alpha male. The story is exciting and the sexual tension between Jack and Kate is titillating. There are some "hold your breath" moments in the story which will have the reader hitting their e-book to try and get the pages to turn faster, as the passion between these two characters is electric. "Gun Shy" is the first in a new series, and author Diane Saxon has paved the way with great characters that will be remembered. The descriptions take the reader right into the heart of the action where they can just close their eyes and be able to see exactly what's going on. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick