The Guardian’s Heart

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Case Thomas’s life has turned upside-down and inside-out with the death of his parents. Once a man with an enviable life: basketball, carefree days in college and girls, he’s now the guardian of his siblings, two-year-old twins. He has no experience at all with raising kids.  He’s in deep water and drowning when salvation comes in a form of an incredible woman who can be an answer to all his problems.
Ever since Gabbie Vaulst had her heart and confidence broken by a boyfriend in high school, she has lived her life playing it safe. Now she’s made taking care of children a business, so when she sees an amazingly attractive man losing control over two small kids, she feels the urge to help, “just this once”.  Then she meets the Thomas “family”  and just once turns into forever as she falls deeply in love with them all. But, trouble comes brewing from all sides, as the past starts to threaten their future…
Michel Prince truly weaves a beautifully heart-warming story of love, family and acceptance. However, Gabbie and Case’s road wasn’t smooth. The initial contact and Case’s immediate trust in Gabbie, to the point of leaving her to take care of the kids on the first day was either unrealistic or naïve. Their love, similarly, came too fast. This created problems with the overall pacing of the novel. At the end, though, this was a lovely story with likable characters, which showcased true values in a good way!

Mimi Smith