Griff Montgomery, Quarterback

Jean C.

Sexy star quarterback Griff Montgomery has it all - a successful career, beautiful women at his beck and call, and he is a surrogate father to his widowed sister’s kids.  His life is full and satisfying until his sister remarries and moves out of town. He then rescues an abandoned pug whose good natured love fills the void in his empty heart.


Lauren Farraday is at an all-time low.  Her father is ill, her husband has left her and worst yet - he has lost her beloved pug Zander. When Lauren spots the dog alive and well in the company of the hunky quarterback, she finds that getting him back will not be easy. Forced into an uneasy alliance with Griff, she must keep him at a distance and yet convince him to return Zander to her. 

The sexual tension between Lauren and Griff is interspersed with a self-deprecating humor that makes this story entertaining.  However, the author creates so many conflicts for the characters to overcome in such a short period of time that the outcomes seem forced and not in keeping with the personalities of the characters. The supporting characters are flat and predictable, and the author misses a chance to reveal the real humanity behind the masks in the world of professional football. That being said, "Griff Montgomery Quarterback" is a nice light read for a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the fire.

Gwenellen Tarbet