Reviews - Contemporary

Keely Kennedy is set on her career path. As a well-known Hollywood actress, she hasn't had much luck when it comes to finding ‘the one’.  The only love in her life is her dog, Jax. When Mac Randall is suddenly thrust into the role of leading man, they become friends as she helps him navigate the crazy world of Hollywood. Mac is determined to not get involved with another woman.

Karla Payne, tavern owner in Willow Springs, VT, is grieving the tragic loss of her fiancé, Joe.

In the midst of a divorce that blindsided her, Sara moves to Italy to teach English in a girl’s Catholic school. Overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Italy, she is befriended by a partying math whiz and a match-making nun. She is dismayed to feel an instant attraction to Eduardo, a student’s father, until she discovers he is divorced.

CHICK-LIT/HUMOR:  Nikki, a mother of three children, and Mark, her husband, are trying to navigate through what seems to be tough family life, at least for Nikki. She considers herself the not-so-good wife and mother, and finds solace, albeit for a limited time, in her circle of friends. Later, she realizes that she has to pull up her big-girl-pants and rise to the occasion.

Secondhand Love

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Zoe is a college graduate of Journalism and has landed a job at New York Today. She has a lot to prove and has a great idea for a lifestyle story. Upon getting approval, her best friend and roommate wants to get in on the headlines. Her recent breakup from her college love has her emotions all over the map.