Goodbye Orchid

Van Den Hende

Phoenix is en route to meet his mother for brunch. It’s the anniversary of his father’s death, and he misses him immensely. The brunch is a way he and his mother connect over their mutual loss. When he arrives at the NYC subway platform and attempts to aid a homeless man, an accident alters his life forever. Phoenix, previously an Armani-suit-wearing businessman who has built a multi-million-dollar ad agency, now finds himself half the man he once was and unsure how to get over all the hurdles thrown his way. With the aid of his mother and his twin brother Caleb, and a multitude of others, he attempts to find his way back to what his life was before his spirit and heart were broken.

Ms. Van Den Hende tells a heart-pounding story of survival, resilience and true grit. “Goodbye Orchid” is a heart-felt, dramatic story about perseverance and character. This page-turner will keep readers on the edge of their seats to the very end. Phoenix is strong and successful and truly a likable hero. When he falls from grace, its truly a heart-breaking experience that Ms. Van Den Hende guides one through. The supporting cast is always in the fray, taking this story much deeper, and Orchid’s character is kind, caring and determined. Though there are many lessons in this book, one that stands out is not prejudging others and always allowing them the opportunity to show their true colors. It’s hard to fathom this is a debut novel, “Goodbye Orchid” has captured all the emotions, and readers will not be disappointed!

Viola Robins