Going Down on One Knee (A Mile High Matched Novel Book 1)


If you had to replace a wedding coordinator on short notice, you’d pick . . . the manager of a rock group, right? Brek Montgomery manages a mega-famous band. His sister is a wedding coordinator. When Brek makes a pit stop to visit family his life gets derailed, big time. Sis—who is pregnant—gets confined to bedrest. She begs him to take over her business . . . just for a little while. He’s a manager, so coordinating weddings should be a breeze. Right?

Velma Johnson lives by schedules and spreadsheets. She has a five-year plan: snag her ideal, conservative man and settle down. One little glitch in the agenda: Velma’s target, Dean, is dating her sister, Claire. When Claire announces some “big news,” Velma braces herself. On her sister’s doorstep, she meets Dean’s best friend, Brek—wha . . . what? A badass biker dude? When her sister flashes a diamond in her face, Velma’s life plan crumbles.

This romantic comedy is nothing short of delightful. Can you say opposites attract? Brek needs a place to stay, and Velma gets bamboozled into offering her guest room. After all, her sister’s wedding is in the mix too. Brek takes on Bridezillas—including Velma’s sister—and things get wonky. His good nature and sense of humor gets him into—and out of—some interesting wedding snafus. The sparks and banter between this unlikely pair makes for a wild and hilarious ride. Vacillating between annoyance, exasperation, and amusement with Brek, Velma begins to feel something . . . more. Humor, witty dialogue, delightfully crafted characters, and a unique premise combine to make “Going Down on One Knee” a treasure!

FS Brown