Going After the Heart

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Lizzie's life seems perfect. She has a thriving career, a good (and handsome) husband, and a beautiful daughter. Things are not what they appear - she is so busy, she has no time for her marriage.  This becomes painfully obvious after a screaming fight ends with her husband Gavin packing his bags and leaving. Several months later, Lizzie decides that things simply can't go on like this, and she forms a plan to convince Gavin that they belong together. Not so easy to do - they have let their marriage get to the breaking point. But there is a bright and loving core to their relationship, and surely that can be rescued. Can't it?

A realistically drawn story about two people who have allowed life to jeopardize their love, but who are fighting for what they want. Lizzie isn't afraid to stand up for what she wants, even when giving in to Gavin might have been easier, but she persists. Gavin is so in love with his wife, but at times is unwilling to see things from her point of view. His stubbornness is a bit irritating at times, but he mostly makes up for it in the end. Their daughter Lizzie was the problem, her thoughts and feelings were neglected in the story, so she doesn't seem real.  The rest of the characters are likable, especially Gavin's father and brothers. Although the pacing fell off a few times, the story still flowed smoothly.  All in all, a touching lovely story about two people finding their way back to each other!

Ana Smith