G.O.A.T. (Detroit Sports Network, Book 4)


When Roz’s divorce is finalized, she meets hunky former quarterback Sean in her favorite watering hole. Parting ways after a few drinks, she doesn’t give him another thought until they meet again a few weeks later. Sean, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped thinking about her since her ex-husband threw him a social engagement to increase his stock a few years ago. Now that she’s free and available, Sean wants nothing more than for her to be his future. When Sean asks Roz to work for him in his new training center, she’s eager to help but a misunderstanding between them puts their relationship and future in question.

Readers will enjoy this story for its unusual take on a classic. People over 40 deserve true love too! The story opens with Roz partaking in some adult beverage therapy, toasting the end of her marriage. She’s in no mood for company, not even from the hunky Sean, former quarterback and ex-client of her ex-husband. Being a hot-shot ex-quarterback means Sean knows how to get what he wants… and what he wants is Roz. Roz on the other hand wants to spend time with her child, enjoy the “retired” life, and move on with her life – a life that doesn’t include a new relationship right now. Roz and Sean take their sweet time getting there, but it’s so worth it in the end. Readers will love the scene setting, the descriptive journey through the character’s everyday lives, along with the trips to the horse races. Sean’s romantic side will have the ladies swooning and wishing they had a hot sexy ex-quarterback of their own.

Heather McCoubrey