Go For Love


Sarah Burton has invested everything she has and bet all her past success on her new tech start-up, connecting adventurous professionals with overseas companies, yet when an infrastructure issue threatens her launch, the only person who can help on such short notice is the man she left years prior to chase her dreams. Beck Spencer never expected to see Sarah again, but when she offers him enough money to start his own business if he will just fix her problem before her launch date, he finds himself once again working with the woman he never quite got over. As sparks fly, Sarah and Beck find themselves falling in love all over again. But the differences that drove them apart still haunt them, and it’ll take more than a second meeting to make their love last. 

A sensational second chance novella, “Go for Love” is a prequel that has plenty of sparks and comedy to attract readers and get them to come back for more. Sarah and Beck are a complimentary couple with big dreams, a lot of history, and a few major hang-ups that are keeping them from commitment. Although the story lacks major depth and focuses on a small, if interesting, cast of characters due to its length, it more than lives up to the role of a prequel tale by hooking the reader into the romance and setting the stage for some kooky romantic adventures in foreign countries in later books. Overall, readers who love rom-coms won’t regret adding this novella to the top of their to-read pile!

Sarah E Bradley