The Gift of Love: A Holiday for Romance


Isabella Rodriguez sacrificed her dreams to take care of her late parents.  Now that they’re gone, her brothers demand that it’s time for her to move on and out of the family house. When the career opportunity she’s in need of arises, she eagerly packs her bags for a fresh start and new life far away from her overbearing brothers. Career driven Taylor Jordan has only one passion in life, and that’s to make partner within his Tech consulting firm. Until he meets the irresistible Bella. When he discovers that she ruined his last relationship, can he forgive her and right his past wrongs, or will he lose his new-found love that is Bella?


An enjoyable, feel-good read that one will curl up with and consume in an afternoon! The author takes great care and time establishing both a firm foundation and relatability for both main characters. However, some may feel that this leads to a level of predictability early on in the novel. In contrast, many readers will feel they are alongside the characters, as the author paints a unique description of Seattle courtesy of realistic sights, sounds and visuals. Some may even find themselves comparing Taylor’s pursuit of Bella to that of the Prince and Cinderella, as instant attraction drives him to great lengths to gain an introduction with her. Ms. Bird delivers a beautifully written, and well-rounded read that will draw a reader in with the striking balance of chemistry, passion, and conflict!


Stephanie Lodes