The Gift


Jamie is attempting to start her life over again following her divorce. At thirty-one, she believes her dream has been lost. She just wants to find a quiet place to deal with her pain. However, quiet is not what she gets from musician Will Montgomery who is Jamie's upstairs neighbor. Will seems to prefer making music when Jamie wants to sleep and it's not long before the two are at loggerheads. However, the unexpected arrival of a baby brings them closer together. Will's ex leaves their baby with him to go on tour, and he turns to Jamie for help. When tragedy strikes, Will needs to make some very difficult decisions. Will he and Jamie work out their issues and manage to get through the difficult time?

Wow! “The Gift” will definitely hook readers from the very first page! The reader’s sympathy immediately goes out to Jamie who is dealing with a lot and then has to deal with a noisy neighbor, a problem most readers can relate to. Will is a fun character who brings so much amusement, and then everything turns on its head. Those who delve into this book will really come to care for these well-written characters and the situation they're thrown into. The plot is wonderfully paced and there's an added bonus of suspense which hooks a reader in and refuses to let go. This was an absolute gem of a read and a must for these chilly nights! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick