Get Away Closer

S. H.

Being a rock star is exhaustive! So when Lanie Kelly returns home from her first road tour with her band Ginger Sapphire, all she desires is peace, quiet, sleep, and more sleep. Charlie Lawrence and his two dogs, Rufus and Ryder, manage to blow away all her desires when he noisily moves in next door to become her new neighbor. When a tree falls on Charlie’s house one stormy night, their rocky start thunders into a passionate interlude and Lanie invites him to take shelter in her home. He is plagued by a past abusive relationship and she is afraid of dogs!  They also discover a decades old feud between their grandmothers! The two of them must decide if they are willing to brave the challenges threatening to end their affair before it starts.

With chemistry that pulsates off the page and draws readers in like a rock-n-roll ballad at a favorite concert, “Get Away Closer” is a romantic comedy destined to go platinum!  S. H. Pratt delivers a tale where the characters are authentically flawed, the humor is witty with a few LOL moments, the drama is thrilling, and the passion is intense.  Lanie and Charlie’s love story starts with contention and a dose of humor and then becomes a heartwarming melody readers will come to love.  The villain is an unexpected twist that compels readers to gain a unique perspective on toxic relationships. The family feud provides conflict with drama readers will enjoy. Ms. Pratt manages to convey a story readers will have no trouble imagining on the screen as a Lifetime or Hallmark movie to watch over and over again!

Tonya Mathenia