Gelato Surprise (One Scoop or Two)



Danielle is a 42-year-old speech therapist whose world revolves around her kids. She has no time for passion or play — but when her ex-husband surprises their kids with a trip to Disneyland, she is stuck with a vacation rental all to herself! Like almost every mom, she has no idea what to do with all this alone time. Well, that is, until she walks into one of her favorite gelato shops and meets the gorgeous nephew of the owner. Matteo is a 31-year-old craftsman who loves creating new items from old, but helps in his Uncle’s gelato shop on the side. A night of dancing leads to some serious fireworks, but Danielle knows this could never be anything permanent. The problem is Matteo is thinking the exact opposite. 

Readers will need LOTS of ice cream to cool down after this spicy concoction! This is a short novella, but it packs a lot of punch and flows well despite not being long in length. Danielle goes from a reserved soccer mom to a glowing, crafty, musical rock star. Her development is beautiful as she discovers herself and her long lost passions...and of course, the new passion she picks up along the way. Matteo is hot, suave, and completely devoted. He is a catch, although he does get a little possessive. He is not very understanding of her focus on her kids, which took away a lot of his attraction. He needed to be put in his place a little more. But they do have great chemistry! So grab your sunscreen and beach towel because this is the perfect beach read for the summer!

Amanda Hupe