Game Changer


When Garrett hired live-in nanny, Brooklyn, he gets much more than he bargained for.  Garrett is a former NBA player with a 4-year-old son, Caleb.  Brooklyn is a graduate student and had graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Development.  She is more than qualified to watch Caleb who had suffered a brain injury.  This is a good move for Caleb and he seems to be improving.  Brooklyn comes across as a strong female character that falls in love with Caleb quickly but as far as she is concerned, this is just a job for her.  She does not intend to start anything with Garrett, although his handsomeness has not been lost on her.  What Garrett doesn’t foresee is how Brooklyn suddenly becomes a big part of his life…when he least expects it.

The main premise of the story—dad has an affair with the nanny—is much more than the normal cliché.  The backstory of the main character, Garrett, is what draws the reader to root for him and his happiness.  One starts to feel for him as the circumstances that led him to where he is today are slowly revealed.  The reader becomes absorbed by a love story that neither character wants from the beginning.  The conflicts that arise out of this relationship are relatable.  The author’s approach of telling the story from both main character’s point of view gives the reader extra insight into what they are feeling and thinking.  This story holds the reader’s interest until the end as they wait to see if Garrett and Brooklyn will overcome and end up as a family with Caleb.    

Stephanie Shaw