On A Gamble


Returning to the farm to assist her aging grandparents, Charlie Anderson finds herself swimming in work. She doubts herself at every turn but not the choice to move home.  When she advertises for part-time help, Alex McCray shows up to fill the position. After her divorce the last thing she wanted was the additional headache of a man.  Alex has a hidden agenda and trouble resolving his feelings for Charlie.  Can they work together to save the ranch or will the gamble be too much?

“On A Gamble” is a sweet telling of one woman’s quest to find herself.  Charlie needs some time to heal from her divorce and Alex is hunky but is hiding his true reason for taking the job of farm hand.  While the foundation of mystery and intrigue is established there are missing pieces.  Alex’s mysterious agenda is not fleshed out enough and may leave readers scratching their heads.  While the plot is original, more research on farm life may assist in anchoring the reasons for needing a farm hand in the first place.  Add the issue of improper word usage, readers will be stymied by repeated issues of “there” used for “their” and “through” used for “threw”, all of which copy editing can correct.  The heartfelt emotional situations shine through and may leave readers with a tear in their eye.

Jordyn Teel