Gabe (HC Heros Series Book 4)


Dogs being dumped and others being abused has Harland County’s Sheriff itching to catch the lunatics running a dog-fighting ring. He answers a call for trespassing and finds the local animal lover/vet tech/PITA (pain in the…) Lyndsey. She has found a dog without water, obviously dehydrated and she is not leaving until she knows he is ok. Gabe is forced to arrest her, and with that he knows she is also safe. The friction between the two is foundation for a mutual attraction, but will they last long enough to explore their feelings? They both have work to do and when she's kidnapped, all bets are off. Gabe is out of his mind imagining what could happen to Lyndsey.

Ms. Michaels has a crafted a drool-worthy Sheriff, bound and determined to find who is running a dog-fighting ring in his county. Gabe's character as SEAL-turned-Sheriff is believable and readers will love his sensitive side. The heroine, Lyndsey, is drawn as a tough nut with a tender side. Both main character's compatibility and sincerity lend greatly to the story. Their friction turned passion is swoon-worthy as their romance heats up. The additional characters of family and other Seal members round out this awesome story. A creative plot and fantastic arc take readers on an unforgettable ride! Part 4 of the series, this book stands alone, but readers should collect all the books in this entire series!

Viola Robins