Fringe Benefits (The Tapestry Series Book 4)


FAMILY SAGA:  Leslie Scott becomes a fringe benefit when the race horse farm she works for makes a deal with a competing farm owned by William Becker.  William is a lonely widower who raised his children alone and is finally ready to move forward with his life.  Leslie has had some struggles in life and the last thing she was looking for was a relationship.  William’s interest in Leslie isn’t dampened by her dark past, or by her ex- boyfriend who is making their lives a living hell.  Can the two escape the outside forces that are intent on keeping them apart or will they enjoy the benefits that life has given them?

This sweet, steamy contemporary romance will be slated for countless vacation-bound readers. William is decidedly an upstanding, older gentleman who is dealing with changes in his life rather well, but his character tends to be slightly rough around the edges.  Leslie has a contradictory, almost alter-ego of her public face versus her private life versus her favorite hang-out that might lend readers to question her true personality as well as some of the choices she makes during this tale. Williams stated fixation might give some readers pause.  There are some light editing issues with missing words and conflicting direction by repeated actions, but these will not deter the overall story.  While slated as book four in this series, this is definitely a stand-alone installment.  This story may incite readers to grab their best hat and seek out a horse race!

Jordyn Teel