Friends Who Move Couches


CHICK-LIT/HUMOR:  Nikki, a mother of three children, and Mark, her husband, are trying to navigate through what seems to be tough family life, at least for Nikki. She considers herself the not-so-good wife and mother, and finds solace, albeit for a limited time, in her circle of friends. Later, she realizes that she has to pull up her big-girl-pants and rise to the occasion. Just when she is getting a grip on herself, she comes face to face with the bitter truth of the real cause of her woes: her husband’s infidelity. Will she fall back on the soft cushion of her supportive friends, or will she confront the issue all by herself?  

With complex characters and a great storyline, “Friends Who Move Couches” draws the reader to the center of the plot. However, the book drags a bit at the beginning but does gain momentum after a while. Once the reader is hooked into the protagonist’s struggle, it becomes hard to put it down, especially due to the generous amount of humor that is sprinkled throughout the rest of the book. The challenge would be for readers who like catchy beginnings to continue reading until they get to the juicy part of the book. Friendship, loyalty, dealing with toxic friendships, and rising above self-doubt are the major themes in the book. Delightful characters, an impressive plot, and a heavy dose of drama make it a worthwhile novel. 

JM Lareen