Fried Pickles and the Fuzz (Redneck Fabulous)

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Bronson Andrews had never been to Big Creek before accepting the position of Sheriff.  But the townfolk have accepted him with open arms, and he likes living there...most of the time. What he likes most about Big Creek is The Pickle Cafe and it’s angel of an owner, Heather. She is the reason he walks into the cafe every evening right before closing time, and orders her heavenly cooking. They talk about their day, while Bronson eats his dinner, and Heather gets ready to close up shop. The Sheriff had been doing this for months and still hasn’t found the nerve to ask her out.  When Gus, a rogue horse, ends up in the middle of their yearly parade, drama ensues, and the good ole Sheriff just might get his chance to find his nerve and capture the lady of his dreams.

Fried Pickles and the Fuzz is one of the cutest stories ever! What’s not to like about a small hick town, with lovable characters, a little bit of drama, and of course some romance. The only complaint one can have is that the story is way too short. The readers is just burrowing in and eating up every little wonderful detail when... it’s over!  Still, it is such an adorably sweet clean romance, that makes one smile, then leaves them with a heavy sigh of contentment and a wish for more! 


Tonya Smalley