Fresh Start


COMEDY:  After the death of her father, wanting to escape, Miranda takes off in her sister Wendy’s car.  1600 miles from home, she finds herself abandoned in a rundown motel in Albuquerque with no means of escape.  With no other options, Miranda knows the only way to get out is to tackle the to-do list Wendy gave her.  What begins as a means to get home soon becomes a driving force in Miranda’s life and a mission to prove to her sister and to herself that she can change.  Faced with many obstacles, hardships, and strange occurrences, Miranda discovers parts of herself she didn’t know existed and that maybe redemption is still possible.

Anyone who has ever made a wrong choice, disappointed family, or needed a second or even third chance will relate to Miranda.  Ms. Locke paints a vivid picture of who Miranda is and the fallout her decisions caused in her life.  The reader will go on a roller coaster ride with the characters, feeling for Miranda at each curve.  Although the concept of the story is one many can connect with, the execution of the plot falls flat.  Other than Miranda, the characters are hard to like, especially the main love interest, Dean.  His pseudo-protectiveness comes across as verbally and mentally abusive towards Miranda, making it hard for the reader to accept any form of relationship between the two.  Although the plot twists throughout the story are interesting, with little explanation or follow-through they do not work.  In the end, the relatability of Miranda will keep the reader entertained and wanting to see how her story will unfold.

Amy Cefoldo