The Fortune Cafe: A Tangerine Street Romance

Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson,
Heather B. Moore

ANTHOLOGY:  When fate steps in and hands you a fortune cookie, there's no escaping.  For Emma, a woman with too many burdens, and Harrison, a man who was too shy to reveal his feelings in high school, a chance reunion at the Fortune Cafe is just the little push they need to fill the empty places in each other's lives. When Lucy realizes that her fiancée is not the best candidate for a lifetime of commitment, her luck takes a turn for the worst and somehow reveals that love...and Carter...were waiting to show her what life was really all about. And finally, when the new hotel chef and his daughter walk into Stella's jewelry boutique, fortune may finally lead her to conquer her fears and let love in.

This was a sweet collection of three loosely linked novella length stories.  Each couple seemed to get a full, clean romance full of depth and insightfulness that began with a simple visit to a local cafe that apparently moonlights as matchmaker. These authors have a similar enough style so that their respective stories retain the same charming overall feel while retaining slightly different voices. Love is in the air, as long as these ladies can slow down long enough to love themselves first, and then look around for the forever kind of love that fortune is handing them. If this is what happens when these authors collaborate, then “Tangerine Street” has some wonderful stories to be told!

Nicole Duke