Reviews - Contemporary

Starter Wife

At first glance, Linnea King has a fabulous life. She’s the daughter of a prominent Las Vegas socialite and politician, and she’s married to the oh-so-successful lawyer, Evan King.

Texas Two Step

Was that Chad? No. It couldn’t be. This man looked uncannily similar, though. Maybe it was just Chloe’s imagination—wishful thinking. Or maybe the trauma of the shooting in her women’s shelter was playing with her head.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Molly Harper may be the hottest thing on the silver screen, but no amount of professional acting can prepare her for the events about to unfold in her life. If she thought the paparazzi were relentless before, a frenzy is about to ensue.

Matt is between jobs, although it’s on purpose.  The burned-out lawyer is giving himself time to unwind and make the right decision on which job offer to choose. He decides to vacation in the house his grandparents used to own, the only place he ever felt at home.

Carly Gatlin has hated Christmas ever since her beloved father passed away. Not wanting to spend the holiday season alone and desperate to belong to a family, she leaves home and visits her stepbrothers on Stewart Island. However, while working in her older brother’s bar, she has to deal daily with Kip Sullivan, the sexy bartender who disturbs her peace of mind.