The Forsaken Heart (Heart’s Desire Series, Book 3)


Anna Graham is fully capable of running her family ranch, but her uncles don’t really see it that way. Anna’s boyfriend Jackson Hart, disappeared ten years ago without a single word, and Anna is currently engaged to his brother Callum (Cal). Cal has been in love with Anna forever, and stepped in when her heart was crushed by his brother. Jackson’s return is rather mysterious but one thing is clear, he wants Anna to be his. Is it coincidence that bad things start happening right at the time that Jackson makes his reappearance?


Marrying Cal will help Anna’s uncles decide on whether or not she is able to run the family’s cattle ranch, but when sinister things start happening, their belief in Anna is tested. Anna is in the process of trying to use her education in breeding a better bull, but someone is bound and determined to destroy everything she has worked for. Arson, cattle dying and Jackson’s mystifying return will challenge Anna and Cal’s love, or will it?


In the beginning of this story the stage is set, and all of the family members are introduced. It can be somewhat confusing as to who is a cousin, brother or what particular family member they are. Anna is smart and intelligent, Cal is hunky and hot. Jackson can be irritating, along with Anna’s uncles but that’s a good thing. The mystery part of the story is a bit predictable, but that won’t stop one from reading.  If one likes drama, mystery and intrigue this would be a good novel to pick up!


Lynne Bryant