Forrest for the Trees: A Slow Burn Small Town Romance (Green Valley Heroes Book #1)


Forrest Winters is a federal fire marshal in the Great Smoky Mountains. He lives on Bandit Lake in Green Valley, and has been a part of the community his whole life. He knows nearly everyone, and they know him. This can be positive, and it can also be intrusive. Ranger Sierra Betts has had to fight discrimination in the ‘good ‘ole boy’ network of rangers at the park, after moving from California. Her boss is a competent woman who happens to be on maternity leave, casting Sierra adrift. There are some strange forest fires occurring in the park--happening in the area that Sierra is overseeing. The ‘good ole boys’ are placing some of the blame on Sierra for the fires, and keeping her in the dark about certain things. She doesn’t know who she can trust. There is something larger happening that they don’t quite understand, so Forrest and Sierra end up working together secretly to figure it out.

This is a standalone book that is part of a series that includes appearances by characters from other books and common locations as well. This story has a slow build-up toward a delightful conclusion. It centers on a multicultural romance that feels natural and effortless. This is a testament to the skill and tact of the author, who also includes a gay friend within the storyline. Sierra has had to be aware of how everything about her is perceived, and as a result, she has built up some walls that Forrest is determined to break through. This journey provides readers with insight into the everyday challenges faced by people of color and gay people.

Carey Sullivan