Forever in a Moment (Deerbourne Inn)


When Samantha DeMartino’s fiancé announces two weeks before their Christmas wedding that he is getting back together with an old flame and cancelling the wedding, Sam is at loose ends. As a tax attorney, she has taken great pains to clear her docket before the end of the year and now the week between Christmas and New Year looms like a gaping void. So, Sam does what any highly organized, predictable person would do and goes on her honeymoon - alone. The picturesque town of Willow Springs, Vermont, seems like just the balm she needs; the town people are friendly, the food is delicious, and ski instructor Jed is smokin’ hot. Getting involved with anyone is definitely not on Sam’s docket, but as Sam rediscovers herself, she can’t help discovering a bit of Jed in the process. 

Wasting no time dropping the reader into the heart of the action, Charlotte O’Shay brings us an instantly likeable heroine in Sam. Through no fault of her own, Sam has been jilted and is now terrified of what will become of her well-planned and orderly life. Jed is warm, persistent, and straight forward, and in a refreshing twist, does the pursuing. Ms. O’Shay employs first person narration, which brings Sam to life. Unfortunately, the first-person narration technique fails with a jarring and short shift to Jed’s point of view. Readers may also be unsettled as they are directly addressed by each of the characters. Nonetheless, the holiday feelings are out in full force in “Forever in A Moment” and readers will want to tuck in and enjoy this sizzling winter read. 

Elissa Blabac