Forever Love

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Jewelry designer, Syndie Wilder abandoned her hometown of Amherst, Ohio years ago after her heart was broken to pieces. The big city life in Chicago is appealing, but lonely as well. Syndie learns her father isn’t well and journeys back home to care for him. Little does she know, her former boyfriend, Thom Johnson is now a firefighter who hasn’t lost his charm and still lives in the neighborhood. They’ve known  each other since they were children, dated in high school and the demise of their relationship was caused by T.J. being lead astray to more mature girls. An awkward meeting at the beach has the duo recollecting memories of happier times together. Maybe they can become friends again now that T.J. has the chance to profess his love once and for all.

Book one in the Wilder Sister series focuses on answering the age old question: Can a childhood crush evolve into a forever love? Keir approaches the topic gingerly in this novella that zeroes in on the subjects of red hot passion and friendship. Readers may be disappointed that the characters weren’t fully developed and the dialogue fell flat a few times throughout the story. The sexual tension between Syndie and T.J. is off the charts, but when fans of romance are lead up to the big moment, it just sort of fizzled out. On the plus side, it is sweet, and short enough to read in full without making a commitment.

Jaime A. Geraldi