Forever Love

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Quinn Thomas is Hollywood's most eligible bachelor, but that doesn't mean he isn't lonely and miserable. Despite all the glamour and Hollywood beauties, Quinn is still waiting for his perfect woman.  He knows what he wants and what she looks like, and has been fantasizing about her for years.
 Davina (Davi) Stuart, a widow, is forty-seven, tall, slim and still youthful, with three children in their twenties. She's a farmer and the best-selling author of a novel based on her life with her late husband. Her book, “Second Harvest” is being made into a movie and she has been invited to fly to LA to meet the executives and cast of the film. Sitting next to her on the plane is Quinn Thomas.
 A few things really set this contemporary apart from the usual:  the older woman/younger man, a heroine pushing fifty,  and the hero declaring his love first, with the heroine hesitant to commit. The pairing of a Hollywood actor and a lady farmer/author is also pretty unusual.  The love scenes, though not overly explicit, are numerous. Readers who dislike sex outside of a romantic relationship or with a near-stranger, may have some difficulty here as Quinn and Davi waste no time in getting physical.  There is some suspense and conflict when another man obsessed with Davi and makes trouble for her and Quinn.  For a debut, this is really enjoyable and would suit readers who like a lot of steamy encounters in their stories, who enjoy romances with older women/younger men and feature movie stars. It is an entertaining and hot contemporary romance!

Jill MacKenzie