Forbidden by Time


MULTI-CULTURAL:  Bita, at 28 and unmarried, feels the pressure to succeed.  She also feels the strain of being an Iranian woman living in America.  She straddles both cultures on a daily basis, but sometimes she feels the conflict.  After graduating from dental school and joining a dental practice, she sets out to take the next adult step—to buy her own home.  Bita meets her new realtor, Ramtin, with her parents and her younger brother Maziar in tow.  There is something interesting about him even though there is a substantial age difference.  Ramtin comes into Bita’s life unexpectedly, and he takes her breath away. So they begin a sweet romance.  Will Ramtin’s ex-wife, 2 daughters and the fact that he is 15 years older that Bita keep them apart?

This story gives readers good insight into the Iranian culture, especially the dynamics between fathers, daughters, brothers and sisters.  Although it focuses on a romance, it also shares a strong message about family and protecting those you love.  Bita and Ramtin are drawn together, and the strength of this story is how they meet adversity, which makes them both very relatable to the reader.  The characters are likable and down to earth, making the reader hope for a happy ending.  The story is well-developed and so enjoyable that the only drawback was the disappointment when it was over!

Stephanie Shaw