Forbidden Devil


HOCKEY ROMANCE: Jazlyn and her older brother have inherited their father’s professional hockey team. They’re both highly respected athletes, but not so much as new franchise owners. Jazz is a two time Olympic medal winner in the sport, and Gordon was also an excellent player until an injury sidelined his career. The team has been on a losing streak, and the new takeover doesn’t sit well with a male-dominant arena, nor with the aggressive team manager. Good and bad news for Jazz, an old flame, Lincoln Dallas, now plays for her team. Sparks still remain, but their relationship cannot be allowed to go anywhere. When danger starts threatening Jazz, changes must occur to protect her - and the team’s reputation. Will that mean the ending of Jazz and Lincoln before they get their happy ending?

Ice-melting moments occur as the heat turns up in “Forbidden Devil”! Ms. Ivers shares her knowledge and love of all things hockey in this first book. Lincoln, a kind, strong and caring guy who knows his heart will draw in readers. Jazz is a class-act yet spunky lady, and when the heat turns up between them, it’s enough to melt the ice! The characters are entertaining and well suited throughout the story. The supporting characters add depth and humor. The threats on Jazlyn add major drama and suspense, although her not reporting them seems unrealistic. The family dynamics are thoughtfully written. The twist at the end will have readers intrigued, and of course, desperately anticipating book 2! When not even a hockey rink can cool things down, you know there’s a flaming hot ending! Addicting and delicious from start to finish!

Viola Robins