Fooling Around With Cinderella


CHICK-LIT:  Jaine Andersen puts herself out there professionally by pitching her marketing services to Storybook Valley amusement park. Dylan Callahan has just taken over the park to keep it in his family. He agrees to take Jaine on, but there’s one condition: she has to play Cinderella at the park for the summer. Jaine is reluctant at first, but soon begins to love the make-believe role. Reality crashes down, however, when she starts to fall for out-of-reach Dylan, her high school nemesis is now her boss, and her bridezilla sister has her on speed-dial for every wedding problem. Can Jaine get her happily-ever-after?


This book will pull you into the world of Storybook Valley and take you on a roller-coaster ride of romance with a little bit of intrigue and a lot of fun twists and turns! Jaine is a heroine that will have you rooting for her to get her prince. At times she seems a little too accepting of whatever life dishes out, but in spite of that, her character has depth and dimension and is easy to love. The setting of the amusement park is intricate and well-done, and makes it seem as if the reader is getting a behind-the-scenes peek.  The love story was filled with push/pull and witty banter, but when combined with a sigh-worthy hero, it’s enough to make any woman swoon. This is the first book in the Storybook Valley series and, with enchanting characters like these, readers will be anxious for more!   


Kate Campbell