Follow a Star (Little Spitmarsh #2)


“Follow a Star” is book two in the Little Spitmarsh series, and not surprisingly it takes place on water. May Starling has hit a rocky patch with her demanding career and Aiden, her ex, who won’t disappear since he’s also her manager.  An escape comes in the form of signing up to crew a small boat, which turns out to be more of a working project than expected. 

Bill reads high maintenance all over May - not what he needs in a first mate. Still, any help would be useful in dealing with the cantankerous boat. Ragged tempers are par for the course working in close quarters, but the attraction between the two of them isn’t. 

May finds herself falling for the plainspoken captain and enjoys her time away from her luxurious lifestyle. Aiden tracks her down after tricking her mother. Conflict abounds between dirty dealings Aiden cooks up, a promising new pop star to take May’s place, and a tender heart torn between two men.

Author Christine Stovell has penned a lively novel with interesting characters sure to delight many. May’s mother is both unconventional and scrappy. Aiden is the slimy agent you’d expect, using and abusing young talent. Bill works as a crusty sailor, but he lacks romantic appeal and feels more father-like, which is a bit odd in a romance. The British expressions give the book a feel of eavesdropping while on vacation with no comprehension of the meaning of bits of dialogue.

“Follow a Star” is an enjoyable, light-hearted read.

Morgan Stamm