On the Fly


Jacey Vaughn is young, confident and has barely hung her new MBA in a frame when her father passes away and she inherits his father’s NHL team after he passes. Handling a brother with an addiction is enough of a challenge, but now she must face off with the hockey "old boys' club".  Cheated on by her last boyfriend, she’s guarded her heart closely, until it takes a few heavy checks from Carter Phlynn, the captain of her team. Resistance to her desire for him is paramount. She has a legacy to uphold and a Stanley Cup to win. 

“On the Fly” is a sports romance with Jacey and Phlynn tossing themselves in the penalty box for their forbidden love. The creativity in this tale is refreshing and the secondary characters don’t overwhelm the story, only enhance it. A reader will appreciate the balance of threads in this novel as the two main characters dodge the media, who can throw Jacey’s reputation out the window as a responsible owner. Romance readers will enjoy the sensual tension and may even learn something about the great game of hockey. The “want you, can’t have you” struggle may go on for a little too long, but overall the rhythm of the story will keep a reader engaged. With so much to resolve, the end seems to be a little rushed and too perfect, but all the storylines wrap up to a satisfying final game. Being an avid sports fan is not necessary, but for readers who enjoy a solid story with likeable characters, Ms. Kenyhercz’s “hard-to-get jock falls for his true love” tale is a sure score!

Natasza Waters