Flow (Detroit Sports Network Book 2)


Single mom Emerson Tyler has worked hard to make a name for herself in the social media world. When Bryce Nordlinger, her high school crush and now famous hockey player, crashes her first meeting, Emerson starts to realize just how hectic this new job can get. With their paths destined to cross repeatedly, Emerson just wants to move on from the unrequited love she once carried for Bryce while he just wants to show her that he isn’t the same high school boy who embarrassed her all those years ago. Will time show her who he really is, or will his womanizing reputation keep him at arms-length with Emerson?

“Flow” is a second chance romance that is sparks and fire from start to finish! Emerson, the strong female lead, shows just what a tenacious woman can do when she puts her mind to it. Not one to let a man hold her back, she paves her own destiny after her divorce, and isn’t afraid to show the readers her strong sexual drive by taking the lead when it comes to Bryce. While Emerson’s ex shows his ugly side time and time again, both she and Bryce consistently take the high road. The few typographical errors found caused some frustration in reading but did not take away from the overall storyline. Filled with drama, relatable characters, and the promise of a new and exciting relationship, this story is bound to keep the pages turning. A must read for anyone looking for a sizzling new romance!

Marie Sanderson