Flirting with Magick


Spell or no spell, when two soul mates are connected there is magic!


Scott, Sean and Josh all have had their chance with Abbey. Josh was the longest relationship and he just up and left and took a job in another town in Australia, leaving Abby heartbroken. Scott is in her cousin’s rock band and really not quite her type. Then there's Sean. He’s a co-worker she really should not see due to the fact that if it does not work out, she will still have to see him at work. Abby spins spells from a book she has for love, finances and happiness, for the most part the spells seem to be highly effective. When feelings of the heart are involved with her trio of men which one holds the magic to steal her heart?


Feast or Famine? The heartbroken Abby is still trying to get over her love when she has two other prospects. Then when her true love comes back into the picture, it's hard to see where the story will venture. Ms. Bennett keeps readers guessing which way Abby’s heart will take her all the way to the end. The lack of communication is frustrating and no strong connection with Abby and her beaus makes the love connection hard to relate to. Overall the characters are well played out and the story line is easy to follow. This is a great summer read with a fun rock band romance that gets some traction in the end.  


Viola Robins