Flirting with First (A Belltown Six Pack #5)

Sophia Summers, Heather B. Moore,
Rebecca Connolly

Ryker Stone is part of the Belltown Six Pack, buddies from school in Massachusetts who all made it to the big league. Ryker’s nickname is Rabbit: he’s fast when it comes to running the bases. However, he's not so fast at making his feelings known to a beautiful actress named Trista. He’s pretty sure she is way out of his league, so he attempts to keep her at arm's length. Trista loves working with Ryker and the guys on a commercial and they plan to meet up again. Can the slow-moving romance develop into something bigger, or will their mutually demanding schedules be too much competition? Will the lucky stone bring luck to Trista?

“Flirting with First” is laugh out loud funny! The Belltown Six Pack has quite a following and readers will be fans after reading this installment. As part of a series, it does stand alone, however, it makes sense to get to know the rest of the guys better and see how their romances play out. The arms length relationship and not knowing where each stood went on a bit too long as friends, but overall this was a very entertaining read, even if one is not a fan of baseball! Also worth mentioning, this is a clean read, which does not seem possible when applying it to Hollywood or professional athletes. The supporting cast plays a big role in this story and absolutely wraps it up with a big red bow!

Viola Robins