Flaming Hearts (Beyond Reality #2)


Rebecca’s dream had always been to be part of a reality show. She and her mother used to watch them together and Rebecca had applied to many - and now she had finally been selected! Her only regret was that now her mother was gone and would never get to see her on TV. What she didn’t know was that the other bachelorette was tall, beautiful, and perfect in every way: a hothouse flower, so to speak. Rebecca was a jeans and tee-shirt kind of girl. During a disastrous date, Rebecca meets Dean, who isn’t part of the show, and the sparks fly. Suddenly the reality show and the men on it aren’t so important anymore.


This is a unique story with some interesting plot twists. The frustration lay with all the editing mistakes. Words were misused or duplicated and some words had the last letter dropped off, so the reader had to guess the author’s intent. The main characters were interesting and the idea of The One was wonderful. Necessary secondary characters tended to be flat, especially the crew on the show. This novel would be so much better if it were to go in for a final edit, so that the reader didn’t have to do so much work while reading an otherwise charming story.


Belinda Wilson