Fire and Midnight

Sandra Renee

Jane Keegan could not believe she was actually going to book a "date" with an escort!  It is all her BFF's fault - well, that and the wine she drank while cruising the site.  In a hotel in San Antonio for business, she gives in to her friend's encouragement and books a date with Ryan.  Ryan Zeigler cannot believe he is still active on “The Cowboys” website, for he now owns his own restaurant on the Famous River Walk.  He agrees to do this last escort, in exchange for his profile being pulled from the website permanently.  When they meet, both are taken aback by the strong attraction they have.  Ryan, the gentleman cowboy, decides to offer Jane a weekend of dating with no strings, and no payment.  Will Jane agree?

"Fire and Midnight” has true heart and southern grit.  It is a great read for the happily ever after, but this one has a bumpy road to travel to achieve that ending.  The plot has great twists and turns that show originality in the happily-ever-after formula. Jane and Ryan have great chemistry that heats up throughout the story, once they finally start to connect.  They both develop as characters and become each other's better half. There are parts of the story where Jane recounts briefly what she has been through, but it comes off as matter of fact and distant.  The story is charming and utterly romantic, full of love, fun characters, and large family gatherings.

Laura Dinsdale