Finding Edward (Save Me Series, Book 3)

Suzanne McKenna

Eddie lives an uncomplicated life working on a construction crew. Uncomplicated, that is, until his grandmother leaves him an inheritance he cannot receive until after he talks to his mother and takes a trip to Positano, Italy. Eddie’s mother informs him that the mean deadbeat he has known his whole life is not really his father. She had a brief affair with an Italian man who returned to Italy before learning of his existence. In a series of firsts, Eddie takes a journey to a foreign country, meets a beautiful Italian doctor, saves a life using CPR, and searches for his real father. His Italian adventure becomes an exploration of desire and destiny that leads him to love, family, and a better version of himself.

Readers of “Finding Edward” should pour a glass of wine, put together a fruit and cheese tray, and seat themselves in a cozy spot to ingest this enchanting tale about a young man’s journey of self discovery! The slow beginning picks up once Eddie arrives in Italy, becoming a whirlwind escapade of mishaps, romance, and a race against time. Readers will delight in vivid imagery of Italy, making them feel as if they are actually there, and superbly written characters, with distinct voices so rich readers will want to know them, or believe they already do.  The love story is full of charm, drama, passion, and a lot of food! Ms. Link manages to take both Eddie and readers on a madcap adventure where Edward rediscovers his artistic talents as he falls in love with both a country that feeds his soul and a woman who makes him whole.

Tonya Mathenia