Finally Fate (Role of Fate Series Book 6)


Kennedy Simms is an adult - a fact of which she constantly has to remind her brother Hunter. His "No Boys Allowed" reputation has chased away any potential suitor she's ever had. On the verge of graduating college, she's decided to exert her independence from her overbearing brother. She needs someone strong enough to stand up to Hunter and Kennedy hopes her longtime crush Bryce Chambers is just the man for the task. One brief, mind-blowing kiss changes everything. The aftermath leaves Bryce unwilling, or at the very least unable to take a chance on her. Torn between moving on with someone who is seemingly perfect on paper and the man whose kiss she can't forget, will Kennedy finally have the love she's been waiting for? 

"Finally Fate" is the sixth book in the 'Role of Fate' series. Ms.  Lassiter has penned a sweetly charming tale, filled with down to earth characters that radiate a sense of realism. Although each book is truly a self-contained tale, fans will treasure getting to catch up with their favorite characters from previous stories. Written in an alternating point of view, some will feel the character voices aren't distinct enough early on. Even though Kennedy is portrayed as strong and assertive, readers may find it difficult to believe that she would stay in a relationship so obviously wrong for her. And while great emphasis is placed on Hunter being extremely overprotective, his lack of a reaction when Bryce reveals his feelings for Kennedy falls flat. Nevertheless, this is a cute and casual story that readers will enjoy. 

Chantel Hardge