Fighting for Flight (Fighting #1)

J. B.
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Raven Morretti's life didn't have an auspicious beginning. Daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, she had to fight hard for everything in her life. Finally, it finally looks as if she could be happy. She has a great job as a mechanic, some good friends...  Then she meets Jonah "The Assassin" Slade, a successful MMA fighter, and everything becomes so much better. For his part, Jonah falls head over heels for the shy and beautiful mechanic. Their relationship is everything anyone could hope for, until Raven's past threatens to ruin everything they hold dear.

Technically well-written with an unusual plot, it is easy to immerse oneself in Fighting for Flight.  However, there are some things that can have a lot of impact on the enjoyment of reading it:  Raven's naivety, Jonah's aggression, the drama of it all - for some readers it would be a positive thing, for others not so much. It also feels like more attention was paid to the underlining story of Raven's past, than to the relationship itself - Jonah and Raven simply fall for each other the second they meet - Love At First Sight.  Unfortunately, the chemistry is not so obvious, especially in comparison to the interactions between Raven and Blake (another fighter), which were far more lively and memorable.  Nevertheless, it is still a compelling read that will leave many readers clamouring for the next installment!


Ana Smith