Fighting for the Edge


Professional ice skater Aubrey London isn’t exactly sure how it happened. She is the ultimate cynic when romance and love are in question. But ever since she started spending more time with Chris Grayden (can’t really avoid it since they are roommates), things are changing. She knows nothing can come out of it, and the timing is awful with the Winter Olympics so near, but he is irresistible to her.

Then, there is Emily Petrov (Chris’ ice dance partner). She is happily married to the love of her life, her career is on track (she’s aiming for gold at the Olympics) – and her beloved husband and coach Sergei is always there for her. But there is something she could have never predicted, something that could completely change their lives.

An interesting read filled with lots of details about the fascinating world of competitive ice skating. The slow blooming romance between Aubrey and Chris was a pleasure. They have their issues, with Aubrey being off-putting at times, her insecurity which hurt Chris repeatedly. As for Emily and Sergei – they seem like an amazing couple, but if the  reader is new to the series, with no knowledge of their history, their story will be harder to be captivated by. What really made the book stand out is the setting – not many sports romances are set in the world of ice skating and Ms. Comeaux’s knowledge brings it wonderfully up close and personal. All in all, a compelling read, one which may have the added bonus of enjoyment so closely to the 2014 Olympics! 

Ana Smith