Fighting For Control (Against the Cage Book 3)


MMA/MILITARY:  Looking to start afresh after her failed marriage, Violet finds herself seated next to MMA fighter Nikko Del Toro on a flight to Las Vegas and propositions him for a one-night indoctrination in to the Mile High Club. When Nikko is ordered to therapy for punching his manager at a press party, Violet can’t believe her new client is the same man that rocked her world six months earlier. As their time together heats up, Nikko vows to protect Violet from the ugly realities of war and his service as a Marine. Can Violet pull him back from the brink without losing her career and Nikko too?


Readers will be in for the ride of their life when they crack this cover! While some may find some politically incorrect and racially-charged slurs off putting, the authors use of them exhibits both the realism and rawness of life in combat as well as vivid post-traumatic stress flashbacks. That being the case, readers that suffer from combat related PTSD should be cautious of potential triggers. However, some may find a lack of believability that a therapist could willingly allow her professional ethics to be compromised for a passion-filled relationship. While details are tied up and neatly packaged into an epilogue, some may find themselves wishing the author had used her  exquisite talent for details to produce a lengthier finale. Those looking to fulfill their alpha male fantasies will find all they need with Nikko!


Stephanie Lodes