Fiance by Friday (Weekday Brides Book #3)


Gwen Harrison is an English aristocrat who now lives in the U.S., working for a high-end matchmaking service. Her house has security cameras that are being monitored 24/7 by former Marine, Neil MacBain. Gwen has had a crush on Neil for months, but the stoic security guard refuses to acknowledge and return her affection. 

Neil is haunted by memories of his past but has worked hard to keep it buried.  It all comes rushing back with horrible clarity when someone starts leaving dead birds to frighten Gwen and her roommate Karen. When their new neighbors end up dead, Neil realizes that his past is back with vengeance, and Gwen is being used as a pawn. Taking her and going into hiding is his only option.  Passion will flare, but will he be able to keep Gwen safe, and catch whoever is behind this cat and mouse game?

“Fiance by Friday” is the 3rd book in the Weekday Bride series. There are numerous characters, so it might seem a little confusing, if one has not read the previous installments. This is especially true of Gwen and Neil. It is obvious that the history between the two was built in previous books so if reading the story as a stand alone, the chemistry between them lacks depth.  This book is more a romantic suspense, than straight up romance, and Ms. Bybee has done the suspense side proud!  It succeeds in being edge of your seat exciting while keeping the reader intrigued and flying through those pages! Could this be a new genre for Ms. Bybee?  One can only hope!!!

Tonya Smalley