Fever: A Ballroom Romance, Book One


Aurora (Rory) Laudner is a newly-minted lawyer working for a small law firm. Her boyfriend of two years, James, is in the same profession. When Rory and James win a drawing for dance lessons at Infectious Rhythm dance studio in Hollywood she is ecstatic, but James is not - he gives the prize away to a colleague.  Rory decides to finance lessons on her own; watching champion dancer Sasha reignites her love of the art, and Sasha isn’t bad to look at either. She refrains from telling her family about this new development, afraid they will hinder her in the pursuit, because of her history with an eating disorder.


Readers will find this fictional glimpse into the dance world informative, and the author’s talent for description pulls the reader in. However, its prominence leaves little room for character development outside of studio related events, though the minor characters are mildly entertaining -- an integral and colorful part of the story. The writing comes off as repetitive and oddly worded. This sluggish beginning of a series centers more on a mutual passion for dance and less on romance. On the plus side, Rajiv and Pepe are characters that one should look forward to meeting, and the authentically flawed dialogue is smile-worthy.


This installment is the beginning of a longer story that features Rory’s pursuit of happiness, though not necessarily in the romantic sense. Former and future inhabitants of the dance world may well enjoy this descriptively rich story.


Heather R. Nielsen