Fetching Love (Circle R Ranch #3)


Megan Malone had a crush on Chad Ryan when she was fourteen years old. Seven years later she’s quite over him - truly. But they haven’t really seen each other in the passing years, and she forgot just how compelling he is. Nor does it  help that he seems interested in her as well. 

Chad never thought of little Megan that way. But now that she’s all grown up, he can’t help but notice and flirt a little. Since he’s the new associate at her father’s vet practice why should he? There’s no escaping her... not that he actually wants to escape. 


Chad is a good hero. After all, what’s not to love about a man who loves animals? Megan is also a good lead character. Unfortunately, the sparks between them are not convincing - which may be attributed to the shortness of the story. Everything  happens too fast and there’s simply not enough time to convince the reader that their feelings are genuine.  A lot of the relationship is based on their history, but the history consists only of Megan’s crush, which doesn’t explain Chad’s rapidly developing emotions. Nevertheless, it still makes for a short and steamy read with a scrumptious hero!


Ana Smith